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On the Road with Scott Wohlers: “In the vastness of the journey, every mile holds a memory, every destination a dream.”

As the sun sets on a remarkable career, Scott Wohlers, a seasoned driver, takes a moment to reflect on his years on the road. In this special podcast episode, we sit down with Scott as he prepares for retirement, reminiscing about the adventures, challenges, and profound moments that have defined his journey. From breathtaking vistas to the camaraderie of fellow drivers, Scott’s tales offer a unique window into a life spent traversing the highways and byways of our vast continent. Join us as we celebrate the legacy of a driver whose passion and dedication have left an indelible mark on the open road.

  1. Question (Host): “Scott, you have done a lot of loads with VHX. What was your favorite load that you have done during your stay in BHX and why? What made it stand out?”
    Answer (Scott):
    “Oh man, that is a really difficult question. One that makes you think. There was probably a load out to Montana or a load to the Ogden, Salt Lake City area. A lot of it was just like apprehension. It’s like my first time out west. I was excited to go out because it’s absolutely beautiful out there. The first time out west was maybe one of the most memorable.”
  2. Question (Host): “You mentioned hiking, and I want to ask this. How do you spend your free time? Every driver has their own pattern, their own plans. How do you utilize your time?”
    Answer (Scott): “Given my age, a lot of it was sleeping. I always looked forward to getting the delivery done. First order of business was to get the load off and then get to bed. Beyond that, I also like to trade the financial markets.”
  3. Question (Host): “Scott, you mentioned financial markets. Give us some tips. What do you do there? What do you trade?”
    Answer (Scott): “Really can’t give any tips other than like Expediting is one of the most difficult pastimes. If you’re going to jump in, you really need to take it a little more seriously. One thing I would suggest is there is a charting service called Trading View that allows you to get a good start with technical analysis.”
  4. Question (Host): “What’s next for Scott? What’s Scott gonna do next?”
    Answer (Scott): “Probably go back to local Courier work for a while. The big plans would be to become a professional trader. That would be the ultimate, proving to be a tough nut to crack. That’s kind of the dream, to have complete independence.”
  5. Question (Host): “Scott, what’s your favorite part of the United States or Canada?”
    Answer (Scott): “Favorite part is definitely Utah. I’m a big forest guy, so Western Montana would be my dream area. But the beauty of Utah as a whole is hard to describe unless you go there. The colors, the mountains, it’s totally unique. I always loved going to Salt Lake City and Ogden.”

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