BHX Logistics


BHX is a family-owned and operated logistics firm based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Our services are available across the entire USA and Canada. Since we have been in operation for almost ten years, we have established a solid reputation with reliable drivers and reputable customers.

Cargo vans and straight trucks make up the BHX fleet. We have a helpful office team that is ready around-the-clock to help you with all of your logistics and transportation needs.

Our Services

Mobile app

BH Xpress offers a mobile app for drivers to help ensure timely and efficient delivery of shipment

Expedited shipping

BH Xpress offers expedited shipping options including air cargo and direct drives for time-critical shipments.


BH Xpress has a fleet of over 100 trucks available for delivery of small shipments across the United States and Canada.

Logistics management

BH Xpress provides logistics management services, including route planning, delivery scheduling, and tracking shipments.


No, BHX does not have company equipment. BHX hires independent contractors who own or lease their van.