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On the Road with Nihad Poturcaj: “…be happy with where you are and focus on achieving more.”

Guest on 9th episode of On The Road show this week was Nihad Poturcaj. Nihad has been with BHX since February 2016. and is an extremely experienced driver with many hours and miles on the road with BHX.

Nihad joined the episode live from his home in Barre, VT. We asked him to tell us how it all started and how did he end up in USA.

“I came to the United States in 2000. I used to live in Netherlands for 3 years. I was curious about the American Dream and wanted to see what is it all about. I used to work for a few companies but then I figured out this job is suitable for me and I stayed in it. I had some offers to take on bigger trucks but I decided to stay with my sprinter van.”

There is a growing trend among BHX drivers moving to straight trucks. We asked Nihad if he has any plans on doing so.

“I did not think about it. I do not like it. I did talk to Aldin about straight trucks but for now it will just stay in consideration as I am occupied with other priorities.”

We asked Nihad how does he feel about living in Vermont and does he plan to move.

“Its nice and quite, there are no problems here. No noise. Its nice for tourism. Winters can be different though. Food is a little expensive. I am not thinking about moving from here, I feel settled. If I do move out of this place, I will move to Bosnia”, said Nihad humorously in conclusion of his thought.

We love sharing drivers hobbies with our audience so we extended same question to Nihad.

“I like to spend time with friends doing some fitness programs. My son is a fitness coach so I follow his advices and strategy. It is really good for drivers wellness. I play soccer with my friends from time to time, but I don’t watch games on my television.”

Being an active driver in BHX since February 2016., Nihad has a pretty large collection of memories and experiences on the loads he has done. We asked him to share his most memorable load with us. Unlike many other drivers who focused on a load they enjoyed, Nihad focused on one that was not up to his taste.

“My worst load was when I went 600 miles up north through Quebec. I drove through forests, there were no real roads up there. Nothing except signs explaining how to reach for help if something goes bad. It was very remote and creepy.”

Nihad visited Bosnia earlier this year and he was a guest in RBS office. We asked him to share his impressions from this occasion.

“I was really amazed with what I have seen. You guys are amazing and I look forward to meeting you all again. I might visit in July.”

Nihad revealed to us that he started investing in a small business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We asked him to tell us a bit about that.

“I started a car wash and I plan on adding a repair shop to provide mechanic and electrical repair works. It is located near Zenica. I am very focused on expanding and doing more investments and my visit in July will mostly focus on checking how are things working out there.”

For the end, we share Nihad`s message to all of you out there.

“Keep up the hard work, hard work pays off. We are the best in the industry, so stay on board and do not drop this opportunity. I spoke to many people who did and they are regretful, some find it hard to swallow that decision and re-apply… be happy with where you are and focus on achieving more.”

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