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On the Road with Edin Gubeljic: “I plan on staying with BHX and my van until my retirement.”

Vedad`s guest on 11th episode of On The Road show was Edin Gubeljic. Edin joined the show from his home in Boise ID. He is the only BHX driver who lives in this state. Edin has marked his fourth anniversary with BHX this month. He gave us his insights into his personal life, career and future plans.

Idaho weather very similar to Bosnian

In the beginning of the episode, Edin revealed to us that weather at his place is rainy and temperature is very cool. Similarity was made to the Bosnian weather right away. Nights are much cooler and one has to keep in mind their clothing options.

Tragic path to the USA

Edin is from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He migrated to USA during Bosnian war, much like many othe Bosnian drivers in BHX.
“I used to be in concentration camp for four years. I was taken out with the help of Red Cross organization in Jablanica. We were kept there for some time and had the chance to apply for migration to US, Canada, Australia, etc. I started applying and eventually got approved to migrate to Austin TX. I lived there for 16 years before moving to Boise, ID.”

We asked Edin to explain the decision of moving to Boise. He is the only BHX driver to live in that part of the country.
“My daughter was in a relationship with a guy who lived there and when they decided to marry, I decided to move closer as well. Climate is much better too, Texas was too humid and hot. Idaho is way cooler. It is somewhat harder to get out of here with a load.”

Fitness, walk and movies

“We got fitness classes on Fridays. We do them in the morning. Each class is about half an hour long. I gained some weight lately and need to work on that.”

“I like to take walk from time to time. We have nice locations around here, nice opportunity to escape into nature and relax. I go fishing from time to time, there is a river nearby and I go there with my friends from time to time.”

“Movies were not exactly my thing, in fact I started liking series. Turkish series in particular. They are very emotional and touching. I am an emotional person and that is where the connection comes from.”

It all started with Walmart

Walmart was Edin’s first employer in the USA.
“I worked with my relative at Walmart. I have stayed for about 15 years there. He decided to leave one day. He bought a van and started working with Aldin. I did not want to follow his case right away but after some time I have asked him what is his experience so far. He showed me his earnings and I was amazed. I gave my notice to Walmart and soon after that, I joined BHX as well.”

Wife is his biggest support

We asked Edin who is his biggest support in doing his job.
“To be honest, my wife is my biggest support and motivation. She regularly follows me on loads, checks on my mileage and checks on me. She calls me while I am on the load to make sure I do not fall asleep.”

Plans for the future

Edin will celebrate his 50th birthday in October this year. We asked him what are his future plans.
“I really like doing this job and I am very satisfied with how my cooperation with BHX works out so far. I plan on staying with BHX and my van until my retirement.”

We asked Edin if he considered a move to straight trucks.
“I would not do that. I like my sprinter van and I would not consider moving to a different unit class.”

Toronto is Edin’s favorite destination Extending an opportunity to drivers to pick their favorite location is always an interesting part of the episode. Edin`s pick was Toronto and we have heard that choice before.
“It is a very populated and developed area. There are many restaurants there, some are owned by our nationals. I like going there. It is huge and gorgeous.”

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