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On the Road with Admir Zubcevic: “I realized our people here at BHX are very warm and best people to work with.”

On The Road show with Vedad continues to bring new stories to you every week. Vedad`s guest this time was 51 years old Admir Zubcevic, joined the show live from Lancaster, PA. Admir was born in 1971. near Mostar.

Much like many other Bosnian drivers in USA, Admir also faced the difficulties during tragic 90s in war torn Bosnian city of Mostar. He explains his path to the USA.

“War in Mostar was a disaster. My father got killed. We got imprisoned and taken to the concentration camp. We were facing inhumane conditions there. I faced serious issues with my lungs during those days. I used to fight hard to get out of there and I used to write to Red Cross to seek for a chance to be evacuated out of the country. We barely got out and were taken to Croatia. After spending a few months there, we were then taken to Turkey, to our consulate in Istanbul. Whole procedure was processed there until we would get our papers to go to USA. Our arriving destination in US was New York City and then we all spread. Me and my family went to Georgia.”

Passion for Mostar is still strong on Admir`s end. He frequently follows recent developments in Mostar and he does not skip a single game of his favorite football club Velez. Velez had a live game during our show and we were pleased to let Admir know that his team scored.

“I follow Velez games whether I am home or on the road. I find ways to do so and catch a stream.”

Admir now lives in Lawrencevilla, GA. We asked him to describe his life there and share with us how he spends time home.

“I like to gather with my family and exchange stories about what goes on in our lives in the mean time. I spend a lot of time on the road, so I like to reconnect with my people and see what have I missed while on the road. Apart from that, I like to follow Velez and Liverpool games. If its not about soccer then, then I will go for fishing. My favorite spot is Buford Dam, about an hour away from my home. I would sometimes go to shooting range as well…”

We wondered if Admir has interest in US sports, since he is very interested in soccer.

“I used to follow NBA during Michael Jordan`s times. There are some good players out there now but not quite my thing. It does not come close to the era of MJ. I love watching Jusuf Nurkic and love seeing his pregame wishlist. He is an ambassador of our nation here.”

Admir joined BHX in the very start but decided to look for other opportunities for some time. He returned in 2019. and has stayed with BHX since. We asked Admir to comment on the years he has spent with the company.

“I really like this company. I thought that my search for better conditions would find better opportunities. I was naive at one point too but luckily I got back. I realized that the world out there is difficult to handle and I also realized our people here at BHX are very warm and best people to work with. Your team is just incredible and I really like you guys. I respect you all and I recognize your role in development of this company and this amazing story.”

We asked Admir to pick his favorite load of all the loads he has done with BHX.

“I got a load from Minnesota going to San Francisco. San Francisco was amazing, I really loved it. It was an unusual load to get out of Minnesota. I loved visiting historical old town of San Francisco as well as its remarkable bridges. Absolute favorite load for me.”

Admir commented on the release of BHX app and shared his view on how it will change the game for him.

“It certainly helps, I used to be a manager at Walmart at one point. It was a good job, I managed to push some of our products to the local markets here…. but a serious downside to it was its schedule. I would have to work on some important dates and could not be with my family. As a driver, I got to change that and with the app it will be even easier to manage this.”

Admir`s message to the team out there reflected the views of some of our past guests.

“I would like to quote my friend Miko (Emir Krvavac, guest in the previous episode), best company in United States of America. I truly feel as part of a family here. This is all really nice, including this show we are doing right now. It gives people chance to meet other drivers not only on the road but on this show as well. Drivers knowing each other adds great value to our experiences in terms of exchanging our knowledge, experiences and be able to help each other when needed.”

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