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Safest Driver P9: Scott Wohlers

“Respecting traffic regulations, being aware of road conditions, monitoring the situation ahead of you, and staying focused at all times are crucial characteristics of a professional driver”, says Scott Wohlers. Scott is a 57-year-old driver from Minneapolis Minnesota and has been with BHX since 2021.

Scott drove 4,116 miles last week and his safety record was entirely clean. We decided to call Scott, discuss this subject and share his views with you.

His approach is simple; respect the speed limits, be focused on traffic flow and the behavior of people around you, and try to anticipate potential issues.

As someone who comes from Minneapolis, Scott says he has plenty of experience driving on bad road conditions. He advises our drivers to be careful at all times. His message to all drivers for the winter season is to be extremely cautious when driving in areas affected by snow and ice. Reducing your speed to the point where you have full control over your vehicle and increasing the following distance should be sufficient to avoid dangerous situations.

Scott used this opportunity to remind everyone that staying safe is most important. Tardiness and falling behind scheduled appointments are not valid reasons for speeding. Active communication and reporting to dispatch are essential at all times (especially at this time of the year when we frequently experience harsh weather).

Scott adds that monitoring weather in locations ahead of your position can save you time and allow you to reroute quickly.

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