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Safest Driver P12 Nader Sandoka: “My ambition is to get to my destination safely.”

New week, it’s time for a new story. This time, we are bringing you an interview with Nader Sandoka. Nader has been with us since 2019.
Nader was born in Chicago IL in 1980 but decided to move to Kentucky in early 2000. He says he likes the vibe and culture of Kentucky more than that of Chicago. We asked Nader how did he discover driving and his answer showed there was no coincidence in him discovering this path.

“I always had passion for cars. Since High school. I started to learn how to fix certain stuff and I was interested in it. Then I recognized the freedom an owner-operator driver can have and I got into flatbeds early on in my career. I had plenty of experience with straight trucks later on, before discovering BHX.”

We asked Nader to comment on the period he has spent with us so far and what his impressions are. “I love the fact that people respect you here. They do not treat you as a number. There is polite communication and there is warmth in it. That is good.”

We touched on the subject of the winter season, harsh weather, and challenging road conditions. This is how Nader explains his remarkable performances in BHX safety and on-time performance programs so far.

“I do get scared a little knowing what is ahead of me. That is not a bad thing, that helps me not overestimate my ability and long-year experience and be cautious at all times. My ambition is to get to my destination safely. I get my coffee and my cigarettes. I take care of tires, make sure everything is okay, and off we go. You gotta watch your maneuvers, watch your speed and keep an eye on people around you. Sometimes, you gotta care much more about your surrounding rather than yourself.”

In the end, we asked Nader what would his message be for the BHX family. “I like to make it simple and straight to the point – I love you guys, I really do.”

We love you too, Nader. Thank you for being such a safe and responsible driver on the road!

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