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Safest Driver P11: Edin Gubeljic

Understanding and recognizing the importance of safe driving is crucial and we keep bringing you stories of drivers who handle it remarkably well out there. This week we called one of the drivers who has been with BHX the longest.

Edin Gubeljic is a 49-year-old driver from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Shortly after a devastating war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin decided to move to USA in search of better life conditions. He has never been a driver before. “I was open to all possibilities”, he says, as he carefully scouted different paths for his career in USA.

He liked the adventurous nature of driving and he liked the potential of having direct control over his earnings. Edin has been with us for almost 4 years and has gained tremendous experience driving all across USA and Canada.

We asked Edin to reflect on the years he has been with BHX so far.
I like the growth that we are making. It can be noticed through the processes and tools. I like the new application that is coming up, a complete game-changer.”

We asked Edin, much like many of our other drivers, to comment further on his safety performance and share tips.
“I do not like driving anywhere close to the speed limit. Driving at lesser speed allows me more time to react if needed.”

The winter season traditionally poses extra challenges for our drivers. We asked Edin how does he handle it. “I am very cautious in general, regardless of where I go. Icy roads can pose the biggest threat and I tend to drive no higher than 15 mph. I have seen some devastating images up north near the Canadian border and I take no chances with such conditions.”

In the end, we asked Edin what would his message be to our fleet.
“Huh, I am not your best choice to give out a speech”, said Edin in a humorous tone and then continued, “always be on alert. Weather and bad conditions are only an extra piece of the challenge that we face. Beware of reckless people out there and take no risks. Stay safe.

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