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Safest Driver P10: Sanel Cosic

Sanel is a 31-year-old driver from Dallas, TX. Sanel has been with us since June 2019 and he discovered BHX through another one of our drivers.

Sanel is making exceptional results in safety and on-time performance programs. This week we decided to give Sanel a call and find out what`s behind his numbers.

Sanel says it is very crucial to know your vehicle and to observe the way it behaves at different speeds and under different conditions. Given that we are still in the winter season, we asked Sanel to comment on how has the season been for him so far.

It’s been a rough one“, he says, “but as long as you keep a safe distance and not assume that everyone around you is as careful as you are, you should be good“, he adds. Sanel says he tends to be super careful when it comes to allowing extra space if any issues with brakes occur. He also does not like to get too close to bigger trucks especially on curved roads and turns, due to the risks of them drifting off their lane and possibly impacting vehicles in their vicinity.

I take it as simple as it is, I drive under speed limits and I adjust my driving to the conditions and traffic density. I tend to actively communicate with dispatch about what is happening out there“, says Sanel, when asked to comment on his remarkable performance.

He took an opportunity and send out greetings to the entire BHX fleet and advised everyone to be safe and have a successful week ahead.

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