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On the Road with Yahya Jallad “After being exposed to a robbery, I gave driving a chance.”

New week and new story to share. Our special guest this week was Yahia Jallad, who joined us live from Lincoln, AL. Yahia has been with BHX for five years now and is one of the drivers who have been with the company the longest. We asked Yahia to tell us a bit about himself for the kickoff. “When I am not on a load, I like to spend time with my friends. I like to get in touch with other drivers and chat with them.”

We asked him to take us back to where it all started. “I came to the United States back in 2001. Got married and got two daughters. I used to work in stores and restaurants before joining BHX. I used to be a manager at an iHop. After being exposed to a robbery in the store, I decided to give driving a chance. My friend got me into it. Beginning was hard, I had no experience or knowledge. I remember my first load was from Birmingham AL to Laredo TX.”

In his five years of service with BHX, Yahia has visited many destinations in US and Canada. We asked him to name his favorite.
“I was once in Miami FL and got a load going to Halifax NS. I drove across the entire Atlantic coast. One of the best experiences I had. The other time I had a load in Iowa with just 1.5 load mile. There is one thing left for me to do, I want to go to Alaska one day.”

We asked our guest to share his long-term plans with us and what does he plan to do after driving. “That is a tricky one. I never thought about changing this job or what comes after it. I really found myself in this and I think this will be it until the end of the road.”

Much like our previous guests, Yahia shared some of his tips in regards to staying safe and organized out there on the road. “One of the things I like to do is use my weather map app and it gives you radar and alerts for what is ahead on the road. It alerts you on the weather up ahead and it keeps updating. It helps me plan ahead and know what to expect.”

In the end, we asked our guest what would his message be for the rest of the BHX family. “I love you guys. You make my life so happy. I like what I am doing here because you guys made me love where I am at. I like the family feeling we have here. We are one. We feel about each other.”

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