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On the Road with Jason Swingle: “BHX is a high-paced business. You have to be the right kind of driver to be here.”

New episode of our weekly podcast On The Road is out and our guest this week was Jason Swingle. Jason joined us live from Cattlesburg KY where he awaits repairs to be completed on his van before he gets back on the road.

We asked Jason about the progress of the repairs. “I had a wheel bearing go bad on my delivery last night. I like to go local and found a shop here, they will continue to work on it in the morning. Hopefully, it will be done in the afternoon and I will be back on the road.”

Jason has been with BHX since August 2020. He is 43 years old and he lives in Dundee NY. Despite this, he is not a big fan of the east coast area. “I am just not a fan of the east coast, not my thing anymore. I would rather be in Midwest or northwest. I love the vibe of Washington and Oregon.”

Our guest then told us a bit more about his hobbies and revealed to us that he loves fishing. We could not resist not asking about his favorite fishing spot. “I have been in the transportation industry since 2001. I like traveling. I do not like staying in one spot for too long. As for hobbies, I like watching NASCAR and racing in general. You could run around with a wheelbarrow and you would have my attention. I don’t mind hunting or fishing either. Going out to nature and relaxing. There is a little lake called Cayuga lake back home so I like to go there.”

Jason invests in cryptocurrencies and we asked him which ones is he focused on the most. “My main three are Bitcoin, Luna and Adam. Those are the big three, I want to have them.”

Much like our most recent guests, Jason also has a passion for gaming. He named us his favorites. “World of warships, Blitz and I used to play World of Tanks but that one is imbalanced lately, so I stick with the first two the most. I am on the European servers. No significant interest into military but such games are just fun to me so I stick with that genre.”

The discussion has focused on Jason`s driving career. We went all the way to the beginning to find out how it all started and what did Jason do before joining BHX. “My dad had a log truck years ago. I have been around him since I was 4 and in 2001. I got my CDL. I worked for a lot of different companies and used to hop from one to another. I was not happy. I discovered I am not one of those guys who loves big companies. I wanted to find one that is more suitable to me where I am not just a number. I have experience of driving sprinters, 53-foot box bucks, reefers, refrigerated trailers, flatbeds, dump trucks.”

Jason has been with BHX since August 2020. We asked him to reflect on the time he spent with us and asked him how our work makes his driving job easier and more convenient. “BHX is a high-paced business. You have to be the right kind of driver to be here. You need to have the enthusiasm to be the right fit. I am happy with how BHX treats me and that is what I hear from other drivers when I meet them out there. If there is a problem, we talk about it, find a solution and move on. I like where I am. You guys are pretty helpful, I got no complaints. Overall, I like working with you guys and I like the way you handle things.”

We asked Jason to send his message to the BHX family out there.
“Times are going to get interesting out here. Keep doing your thing, keep it up. Do your best. We are all in this together. I appreciate the time you spend with me, we got to stick together as a family.”

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