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On the Road with Alaa Farid: “I had to pick up a coffin!”

The new week has kicked off, and a new episode of On The Road Show is out now. Our guest for this week was Alaa Fareed. Alaa joined BHX in April last year. We used this opportunity to wish him a happy birthday and congratulate him on his first anniversary with BHX.
Alaa shared with us how it all started. “I was happy with my life in Egypt, but I decided to pursue a better and stable future for my family and kids. We decided to move to USA.”

Alaa was born and raised in Southern Cairo, the capital of the Egyptian state. We asked him how did his adaptation go once he moved to the United States. “My language was very weak and limited to two words – yes and thank you. I had no friends, I only had an address for the Egyptian embassy. It was difficult”, he says, “but with strong faith and hard work, we can overcome any obstacle.”

The first half of April marks the first anniversary for Alaa with BHX. We asked him how did he discover BHX and to reflect on his first year with us. “I explored many companies and options in the United States before applying. I came across BHX’s YouTube channel and watched Aldin`s videos. I found the content very interesting and helpful and that has made me inclined to join this company.”

Alaa then shared his first-year impressions with us, saying his first year has been very good and he emphasized the importance of all of us continuing to grow. “Wherever I go on duty, I want to proudly introduce myself as BHX driver. All of us have to think this way. We all sail this ship together. We are all owners of our company in certain way.”

Alaa`s first year with us was very interesting and adventurous. We asked him to share with us his most memorable experience on loads he has done with us so far. “There was one funny situation. I had to pick up a coffin containing a dead body and I had to deliver it to a military facility. I met the receiver, he had weird clothes on. We carried the coffin inside and then I was stunned with what I saw inside.”

We asked Alaa to share his message for the entire BHX team and our viewers out there. “I have never seen such an amazing and respectful team as BHX. I am not saying this because we are on a show, but because that is how it is. If it was not, I would move on and be elsewhere. The owner is amazing, cares about drivers and asks about our everyday developments. The team is pure 24K gold, Barcelona team. Do not forget, we’re all the owners of this story.”

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